phpwind CEO Wang Ji speech


phpwind webmaster and Taobao 10 major brands of interactive shopping

the afternoon of September 8, 2010, phpwind invited the partners to start for the local webmaster held a "search for new opportunities, meet new friends" national ground exchange.

Phpwind CEO Wang set said, in order to comprehensive and in-depth exchanges of various types of local and industry website, to help owners on the Internet a new wave of development have more complete understanding, more convenient access to various resources, combined with Taobao alliance partners phpwind, Admin5, ChinaZ and other professional media owners, the theme of "search for new business opportunities together, meet new friends" national tour ground exchanges, activities will last for 3 months, covering 24 provinces, 40 City, and actively build ecological chain e-commerce community wide, to help support the development of local small website.

Phpwind focus on the integration of the excavation and application of the value of small sites. Phpwind believes that the site is the community, the community can provide a wealth of applications to meet the needs of people access to information, communication, entertainment, consumption and other living needs, access to a sense of belonging, people’s homes online. With the development of the Internet, the website is more abundant, the fusion forum, information portal, social networking sites and more form, phpwind will put the application into products, and create the optimal user experience.

According to Xiao Ruizhe, vice president of

phpwind, phpwind since its inception in 2002, has accumulated more than 1 million sites using phpwind, every day there are 1000 new sites, these sites covering 52 industries, one hundred million of the population gathered every day, 50 million new information, access to more than 1 billion pages.

September 1st, phpwind and Taobao open platform jointly launched the "Amoy satisfaction", Taobao open platform docking Taobao big sellers, phpwind docking various community sites, the vertical site Taobao business resources and local industries and channels to further open up the construction of a vast community e-commerce ecosystem. On line the same day, Tianya cjbs 94 commodities, turnover of 36174 yuan, while the Guangzhou mother network since mid July on the line to the end of August, the turnover of more than 700 thousand yuan Amoy link.

Shortly before the release of

Phpwind8 is a system architecture, the integration of a variety of mature community form, full range of software to build small website fully meet the demand of commercial operation, including forums, portals, personal center, group, social networking applications, even micro-blog has the most characteristic for the "new", fully meet the business needs > small website