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news review: from the beginning of May, the electricity supplier by the Tencent’s fast and easy network, Jingdong, suning.com and Tmall mall and other large domestic e-commerce enterprises initiated by the known as "the strongest in the history of the electricity supplier price war" has been involved in 7 billion of the value of the cumulative profit margin and marketing resources. However, as temperatures continue to rise, this field has drawn the attention of the summer price war did not settle down, but there is a growing trend. Also, as predicted by the industry, the domestic electricity supplier in June 18th will usher in the history of the most violent peak showdown. Prior to this, the Alibaba’s Tmall announced in the "double 11 big promotion outside the reconstruction" 618 Carnival ", the first positive challenge Jingdong mall anniversary. This means that the domestic electricity supplier in the field of marketing campaign, has been running from the subtle to tit for tat. Insiders predict that this round of the history of the most fierce price war, will have an important impact on the industry seating.

positive challenge Jingdong mall is not just Tmall. A month ago, suning.com announced the launch of the "E18" promotion. According to suning.com, "E18" is in the month 18 days to conduct a "Pro mighty storm" type. Insiders believe that this E18 there are 11 green leaves, only in June 18th is the focus. Suning.com executive vice president Li Bin said, "E18" will be staged in the month after the climax, "the book of 0 yuan to buy" will once again debut. In the face of Tmall and suning.com two enemies to invite war, Jingdong mall this eight anniversary, doomed to live peacefully. As for the Jingdong itself, this is a question for IPO on the eve of the investors urgently need to be evaluated, Tmall and Suning from a real impact on the Jingdong.



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news review: consumption 500 back to 500, buy more than return, dividends continue"…… These have been spoken throughout the rebate website billed as "marketing", has now become "pyramid" evidence. Following the Pacific direct purchase network were investigated in Henan and other places, 100 shopping network collapse, business alliance boss Juankuan escape, billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd and under the "million shopping" site because of suspected group.