in recent years, with the development of the Internet and e-commerce, more and more enterprises to promote their products and services through the network platform, which is the so-called network marketing. Compared with the traditional marketing mode, the advantages of network marketing is very obvious, first of all, through the network platform to showcase products and services become more intuitive and convenient, shorten the distance between the business and customers; secondly, because the channel is the traditional marketing is more flexible, reduces the huge cost of warehousing, logistics, management etc. Therefore, the price has more advantages.

The rise of Taobao

that network marketing has tremendous market potential in China, choice of Taobao shopping friend must be on its convenient, low-cost, e-commerce development in the early part of the network, due to seize market opportunities, in the process of rapid development of electronic commerce in the early benefit of money. But as the network marketing to give more and more mature, the Internet, more and more difficult to do business, many network operators reflect widespread network marketing in the "price war" has to give in a very embarrassing situation, because the price war to give profits increasingly thin, long, will give the crisis to survive, affect the development of network marketing.


in my opinion, this is the inevitable trend of network marketing maturity, we know that the early development of network marketing is due to the mode on the out of the ordinary and unique advantages in price, when the network marketing tends to mature, when the power to give more and more huge, competition will become increasingly fierce. This time, indicators of product quality, business credit and service level of traditional marketing will become the focus of the development of network marketing, that is to say, it will become a key indicator of the network from various grades and ranks. In the network marketing is not to the height of the time, the price war will become a temporary strategy to occupy the market, but if blindly through the price war to attract customers, it will produce great harm to the development of network marketing.

based on the famous 4P theory, marketing success in four aspects, the product price (Product), (Price), channel (Place), promotion (Promotion), by comparing the network marketing and traditional marketing, besides products, network marketing has a great advantage in the following three aspects. However, when the network marketing is becoming more and more popular, its advantages will instantly transformed into internal contradiction, because the network platform is open, so strong, in the network platform this range, channel and promotion because of serious homogenization, tend to become not worth mentioning, just like you to buy online things like you don’t care if he is in Beijing or Shanghai, because whether it is Beijing or Shanghai, by courier to reach your hands are the same, you can only go to care about any of them which are better quality, lower price.

to break through the "price war" of the cycle, only through the establishment of business reputation, improve product quality, improve service levels to solve, only this