information age, companies want to create a good brand image, we must use the media platform, the product will play their visibility. Network promotion 100 methods, relying on soft marketing, thereby enhancing the brand and the influence and visibility of the product, has been one of the most popular network marketing methods used by many companies and webmasters.

marketing promotion is a form of advertising the strongest vitality. Compared with hard advertising, soft Wen is called soft, subtlety lies in a "soft" word, like a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance and not dew, and the promotion of soft text can not gorgeous, without shock, but must say intimate chitchat, because most deeplymoving or chitchat. The famous American black leader Martin Luther · · gold in Washington hosted a 250 thousand people to fight for freedom at the demonstration, published an article that the American people unforgettable speech "I have a dream". In fact, Martin Luther King · · speech "I have a dream" is the best marketing template, which has gone beyond himself, a small group of struggle and narrow limits, as is the United States all the Negro’s freedom and devotion to the most high level.

with the rapid development of Internet, the marketing has been flying into the homes of ordinary people, even the grassroots webmaster, also have the use of soft marketing to do fast. A good article also cannot be separated from the public view, space and Internet articles cannot success can be found in mass, so choose a good platform for propaganda, is very important, especially the high reputation and popularity is related to you the platform. So how to choose a better platform for the promotion of the mixed fish heads in the market? According to authoritative industry analysis: if you want to rely on marketing way, establish a good brand image, in addition to find innovative soft master write soft text advertising, more importantly, is to find the right portal release the soft otherwise, even classic ads, ultimately only useless article.

with more than 1 thousand first-line portal media, has a good relationship with the push media network, to help customers quickly in the target media will be soft advertising. Customers can push the media to provide a variety of soft news release channels, select the most suitable for their own needs and budget news release. Compared to the general channel through the release of soft advertising, in the form of soft news published in the major portals, through the authority of the news media, so that more people understand their own website brand and products. In addition the soft news in the form of network marketing, after the news release, will quickly be Baidu search engine revenue, great opportunities will appear in the key words of the search results page, so as to bring a large number of customers through the search engine.

never compared to others, only focus on doing the best of their own. It is understood that A5 Adsense network push media >