network is becoming more and more popular today, enterprises in order to expand the market visibility, expand market share, will be a part of advertising costs into the network, in addition to a few enterprises (mostly well-known enterprises) to obtain a good brand effect and other basic is to imagine the difference between the one hundred and eight thousand. Why is there such a serious problem? I think this is mainly some network company itself is a businessman thinking to do network, not to do business network, many of them completely when the earth boss fooled us poor in small and medium sized enterprises. A large number of people in the network company, even the basic understanding of network marketing are not doing network promotion. For example in my company is a development company, we are all advertising in order to quickly open the market rather than to do practical brand advertising, but the boss just fooled us drop bell boss, this is not to say, after using the chaotic fee, advertising is some of the garbage station, the efficiency is very low, and the odd chaotic background. I’m really depressed after taking over.

so what kind of marketing do companies really need? What kind of business are they suitable for?

network marketing should be divided into: brand marketing, community marketing, regional marketing, search marketing. And in most of the network companies will know which of the one or two, they took him as a whole (


brand marketing for the kind of regional brands in the outward expansion to a certain period of time, in order to build the brand and credibility of the enterprise focus. Then choose the platform for Sina, NetEase and the like. But determined not to choose what third drops of bell like, or electronic commerce enterprises will you like me to cry. Of course, the cost is quite high.

community marketing is suitable for the kind of expansion to the nation and stand the pace of enterprise, he can cost well under low turnover rate, to help enterprises to expand market share in the special target population. This type of marketing is characterized by very high input-output ratio.

regional marketing is suitable for the expansion of other parts of the country’s enterprises, they are in order to own regional enterprises to the direction of national enterprises. There’s nothing to say about this kind of thing.

search marketing, this is a lot of network companies believe that all of the network marketing, but in fact he has his limitations. Specific analysis will be described in the latter part of the article.

is only a superficial understanding of the individual, and we look forward to exchange and discussion, and jointly promote the development and growth of network entrepreneurs. The above for reference, if you are interested can also communicate with me qq:908216827 I study network phenomenon, website operation, and network project planning. Added, I accept your proposal, declined obloquy.