to do a website is very hard, there is usually no shortcut, but the following list should be able to provide you with some suggestions.

      this is a list for me in the shortest time, improve the website pageviews compiled, just a few minutes, you can follow the 25 on your website to make changes, pageviews (I modified to raise a lot of views):

      practical / convenient browsing

      if people can’t use your site easily, they will not be interested in your site.

      1 site navigation: your site navigation is easy to use. You need to make sure that the new visitors are able to navigate through your site to find what they want easily and quickly.

      2 search box: if you do not have a search box, I suggest you’d better add a go up, navigation is sometimes not enough. Adding a search box may take a long time, but if you like me to join the Google search box on the site of the third party search box is very fast.

      3: click here to your site on all the "click here" change, the visitor will not by clicking on the "click here" to understand the contents of the download, the best profit / loss chart or monthly article archive instead of "click here".

      4 Title & Alt Attributes: if you have not used it, it is best to use it now, and add it to the navigation page and so on all pages. Here is a detailed description: Proper Use ALT and TITLE Attributes of.

      5 general: if there are some good code on your website, for example: set the browser window size, open a new page in a new window, it may make visitors feel disgusted, they get rid of the best.

      search engine optimization – SEO

      1 Title: send the relevant but not the same title (tag) on each page, check if they are short and can express the content of the article.

      2 internal links >