in the noisy network era, it seems that we should pay attention to and no matter what network standards, otherwise really OUT, this is not some time ago, there are rumors online hit "Xi Li Ge" to speak of the rumors on the Internet clothing brand, "Xi Li Ge" brand clothing endorsements thing is not forthcoming, it is the achievements of the "Xi Li Ge" named after the men’s clothing brand.

did not say first this "Xi Li Ge" men’s clothing brand since its inception to the present, its sales to the "Xi Li Ge" brand have been done without a fight Xianjie, why say so? Said against the following diagram:

from the first picture we can see, Baidu found and Xi Li Ge men’s related pages, up to 8 million 500 thousand. This number is pretty amazing. Because of its launch, Xi Li Ge men’s brand to date, not a few short days, and then have a look at what the site reported this news, Baidu Encyclopedia has been on the "Xi Li Ge" men’s interpretation of it. The major sites are also on the Xi Li Ge men’s news reports, which naturally out of the first step in the promotion of network marketing, access to exposure and visibility. And in the use of the network marketing process to achieve the effect, not only in the promotion of time to do a quick onset, and in terms of spending is much lower than the previous TV advertising media. As for the company I am afraid that is how to allow users to continue to maintain this concern.


Figure 1 (Baidu related pages)

second picture should be more direct description of the Xi Li Ge men’s brand in the network to promote the direct benefits of marketing, but also the second step of the network marketing promotion, access to user attention. This picture is: Baidu index, the index value in the floating around 14000-3500, may be a lot of people on the Baidu index is not very understanding, so I have to say simply, Baidu index is used to reflect the keywords in the past 30 days the network exposure rate and user attention to its trend! Reflects the image of the key words every day! For example 35000 on behalf of Baidu roughly a day. Users on the Baidu keyword search for 35000 times. Of course, it is estimated that it is not very accurate, but as long as we understand that the greater the index value, the greater the amount of search, this is beyond doubt. In short, this directly reflects the amount of user search, which is user attention. In this process, the enterprise should consider how to focus on the user into a customer.



Figure 2 (Baidu index)

third pictures taken from the Baidu encyclopedia, visible in the "Xi Li Ge" won the men’s direct Baidu encyclopedia Day Focus headlines, this is pretty awesome. Brand is also just one or two days after the launch of the headlines on the hot spots, Wikipedia hot off the event, regardless of the degree of concern in its users or in practical things have an irreplaceable role. Also >