content is king, we are not always able to forget the key words in the product. It can be said, whether it is pictures, text or video content form, as a carrier of products has become a trend, and Papi sauce, logic thinking and other popular micro-blog’s valuation, we can see that the market for this highly light product model. So at this stage, how to do a good job of content marketing is very important.


or marketing, the pros and cons?

believes that there must be a lot of people for these two words can not make a choice, content marketing as a whole, the content as the carrier, in order to marketing means, combination of the two in order to burst the so-called virus effect, rely on any one factor alone, I think is not suitable, that are very successful.

1) no content, effective marketing.

in the traditional explanation, no marketing content creation belongs to traditional marketing form. The characteristics of this form of marketing is more clear, the core logic for more products and services to more users, face to face marketing attitude, the characteristics are as follows:

products as the core. Consider "what I have" and "how good I am" from the first point of view rather than "what do you want?"". Active push products and passive waiting for trading opportunities.

price war. With the industry’s high degree of homogeneity, price competition can hardly be avoided, so in order to increase sales, have to lower the price, the profit space is compressed, and peibenzhuanyaohe.

blind pursuit exposure. Homogenization of the brand at the expense of the channel to spend a huge price, whether it is the promotion of offline entities, or in the electricity supplier platform traffic train, are in order to seize the channel, and thus access to traffic.

is the traditional marketing model developed in the network era is not obvious effect, after all, attention is not focused on the network, parity and online shopping habits have not formed completely, for commercial advertising without forming enough psychological defense, high intensity push pin will have good effect in this state, but with the increase of product the amount of marketing costs will rise, blind brings reputation risk is gradually revealed, in order to increase sales and marketing efforts have become a very sensitive and delicate cycle.

2) no marketing, content communication difficult

from the above example we can intuitively pry out a bit, that is reckless rely on do not have long-term effect without content marketing. So there is content, will not sell it? What is the outcome?

this is like thousands of media content from the same source, numerous high-quality content distributed in the network platform, but not everyone from the media can make achievements. Lu Songsong, as we all know, a network of practitioners rely on hard work, but do you know how his blog is done?