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every day of our lives have changed, but the same is used, users often use QQ space to update their mood, what is being done, ready to do what, these are in the eyes of the business, Tencent as the most widely used chat tools, almost all Internet users are using QQ. Therefore, QQ space has a very large user groups.

and I want to say is "what should we how to grasp this opportunity"; A assumes the user to get married in the QQ space to update the mood, "getting married next month, friends ah" user A such a simple word has produced a keyword "marriage", the marriage the merchant B through the QQ space (or micro-blog) search keywords "marriage" and find the users of A QQ, told the A the user through the message back to what I was doing, I’m selling what, then traded! This should be the most simple and most direct marketing method is accurate, but really aware of the people not


A: are asking what is QQ space (social networking sites) marketing

as mentioned above, there are many ways to social networking site marketing, we can explore the excavation through the exploration, business opportunities must be left to you. On the social networking site, every day there are people from all walks of life to publish a certain thing to describe their feelings, in our lives, consumption is essential, while the majority of businesses have ignored this!

B: QQ group on advertising, users suspected nausea


users, all of you are tired, when is the QQ group chat with friends to enjoy "tea", "invoice" has come, friends are the most hated, some users may have been called up. The business advertisement is in the face of a group of people, but these people actually spend a few, why not consumption, why not order? I think it is because you don’t know if they need your product; and businesses still indulge in advertising self, you made the day may not be better than the above about that moment.

C: Why are you still in the industry group to sell industry products

marketing knows, from the best understanding of the reality of DM, who is DM real income? Advertising is advertising businesses, and businesses do you advertising to see who? Industry QQ group is the same, I often see some glass, furniture, wooden doors, which sent the most advertising is "glass, furniture, wooden doors, advertisers may never thought I would like them to buy their own products already have? (from 818 http://s.www.df818.com/

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