Nanjing trading network ( all ready to be completed, the site will also be on-line trial run. Received a phone call from an old friend, feeling surging. Although I did not participate in this project, but I still want to give my advice.

first: site positioning


trading network should be located in the local station, generally speaking, the main content of Nanjing trading network is closely linked with the Nanjing region, some commercial commodity information aggregation site, is played via the Internet in Nanjing various commodity information more quickly close quickly (city) share polymerization.

second: quickly build team

for the sale of the network in this position is located in Nanjing large local information website. This is not a person can bear the weight of the. To the healthy and rapid development of website must establish an effective and efficient team, the team does not require many people, but all of their own things to do to be crystal clear and can adapt to repeated boring work. Efficient united team will be Nanjing trading network escort.

third: content is king

for the sale of the network in Nanjing is currently the most distressing is that there is no good content. Web site content is the root of the site, the site is done, in order to carry the content. What determines what you do. If the content of the Nanjing trading network empty, even if the page and how beautifully produced, there will not be many users. Fundamentally, the site is still about the content of the site traffic, content is King (Content Is King) is still the key to the success of the site.

fourth: make the site dynamic.

as a local station Nanjing trading network itself, is concerned about the side of business information, care about people and things around. Allow users to participate in the sale of the majority of Nanjing network is to ensure that the development of the premise of Nanjing trading network. Everyone is the content of the Nanjing trading network manufacturers, everyone is the Nanjing trading network content sharing, everyone is the recipient of the contents of the Nanjing trading network. Accept a share – A – Manufacturing – accept, this is a spiral cycle, continuous rotation and growth, the influence of Nanjing trading network will continue to spread, timely arrangements for a variety of promotional activities, to participate in the sale of the Nanjing network have not let users.

fifth: determine the overall style of the site

"style" is abstract, refers to the overall image of the site to the visitor’s comprehensive feelings. The "image" including the site CI (logo, colors, fonts, banners), layout, browsing, interactive, text, tone, content value and so on many factors, the website can be lively and vivid, amiable and easy of approach can also be a serious professional. Whether it is color, technology, text, layout, or interactive, as long as you can make it clear that this is a clear understanding of your website is unique, which forms the site’s style".