recently, Yu Minhong at the start of the business together in the keynote speech, that in 2016 China’s entrepreneurship, there will be about 60% to 70% of start-up companies died.

in the long ago Phoenix finance summit, live hundreds of founder Zhang Hengde also used the relevant data to tell people, "A turn from more than 60% companies will hang up the B wheel, B C’s turn round almost close to 70% companies are dead, A C will turn round actually killed 88%."

addition, IT orange has statistics related data, such as the number of companies established in 2013 after the death of the domestic 406, of which the company established in 2013 accounted for the proportion of deaths accounted for 90.6%.

reference to the Institute of Internet education survey, nearly 400 online education companies, only about $16.18% to maintain profitability; new projects, earnings are expected to not more than 5%…… The VC data company CB Insights, by the end of on the list of 146 companies have announced the death of 2015…… Looking at the past year, the death of the tide had seats volume O2O industry, the game industry, P2P, intelligent hardware venture……

especially the recent downturn, capital cold seems more into the heart, the situation of


maybe 90% startups will die!

even venture…… Will die!

many friends still said to me that he would still choose to start a business.

asked why, they say, to go deep, entrepreneurship is a choice, but also a fate. This fate, and even a lot of their own time can not understand why so persistent. Shallow point, due to the self personality and stubborn entrepreneurship has not lax, not on the class, at least not to work properly. Really can not stand, have a lot of constraints follow the prescribed order of office life, quite a lifetime of fear death man to do the wedding dress…… In addition to entrepreneurship, but has no way back. To be positive, it is in order to control their own destiny, entrepreneurship is the only way to achieve financial freedom from the nearest path. And financial freedom, it means that time is free, really have the conditions to choose their own life.

if entrepreneurship is this world before l, inevitably, no retreat.

then the next question, it seems ripe.

friends summed up their own entrepreneurial venture to bear bitter hardships, think on the road, first need to solve three major problems.

first: the first money.

where the first money comes from. This issue is crucial. Wang Gongquan’s love project is now the money in the project, it almost gave away the essence of the survival status of the project. To live projects, even if good, water is also the flower in the mirror castles in the air. Investment circles have a famous three minutes to move the story of investors, entrepreneurs said