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image analogy, do like war, the first strategy is! The guiding ideology always affects the whole development of your site and prospect! During the war, you can not win, can get lasting development, a great relationship with the target and guiding ideology of your website!

strategic objectives, the essence of your own site is the location of the site and the focus of the site keywords. The mutual influence, mutual restriction! For example to illustrate! I remember in college entrance examination, Hunan Yongzhou forum, just a few days, with all of the railway station, began to expand the content, this website is not what location. But in June 6th, stationmaster realized can play a beautiful victory in the college entrance examination this battlefield


so immediately put the site on the college entrance examination, a large number of college entrance examination information release, but also to know the local propaganda Baidu (here need to pay attention to, must not be excessive, otherwise easy to be screened by Baidu). On the first day of college entrance examination, is also in June 7th, Hunan Yongzhou forum of PV million, the day before the PV is less than 2000! And in the evening of June 8th, the website PV can be said to have reached its peak at the same time online break 600, PV3W! And then go to the Google site:www.hnyzbbs.com hurricane to more than and 400 for this one! Just a few days of the station is simply a myth! Said this example is used to illustrate the goal, and positioning of a website to have much impact on the website, the website can bring much traffic


in general, is actually to do 2: first strategic positioning on the site, and then launch a campaign! How do you should know! Welcome to exchange: (www.hnyzbbs.com): [email protected]