How to improve traffic? How to optimize?

worry every day to seal.

this is a sign of the success of the website…

, design all what the cafe.).

it uses a "layer"? Now I don’t know — I am too lazy, always not to learn and improve their programming. I’m doing other trades

. Ha ha

is you click, it is a boundless window (there is no title bar scroll bar and the like) and do a very cool and mysterious color!

those days! Every day, copy his source code… (HTML, right click to see that) finally got it…

of course, do not copy his code, I often go to see his page… Is updated… His work is really beautiful..


thus, I think, a website to look, his page design is very important.

page just to stimulate people’s visual senses, but the fundamental reason is the content, keep people.

often see friends sigh, oh, let’s Chinese website, is a look, things packed… At sixes and sevens


we in Chinese, you must first know the situation of Chinese.

as I said earlier that coffee design, do give my opinion is no later with no predecessors (up to now I have not found any net