million tons of sand and pulled out one or two gold! Survive the crisis O2O enterprises, will be more clearly their future development path, to serve as a basis for the C end to create higher value, the formation and development of its own soil, help the industry towards a more healthy and rational development direction.

the second half of 2015, with a wave of O2O industry closures hit, to the original hot O2O industry has poured a large pot of "cold water", O2O death list is constantly updated, about the so-called "O2O winter" concerns and rhetoric, many practitioners heart uneasy, who can survive the winter cold.


on how to view the current O2O industry winter phenomenon and the development trend in the future, the same community O2O project to the supermarket founder Xie Laizhang clouds do in-depth exchanges. Xie Laizhang believes that this wave of O2O closures, has its inevitability and rationality, compared with the "O2O winter", it would be regarded as an important turning point for the O2O field, the natural evolution of the rebirth of blood transfusion.

below is a few of the core views of Mr. Xie:

1, O2O winter formulation biased

Xie Laizhang said, "don’t ask, is not, ask why, is bullying!", on the surface, the recent market O2O business has centralized and obvious outbreak trend, but inferred that O2O industry downturn, winter is approaching is accurate and reasonable


in fact, in China, there are hundreds of thousands of startups fail every day, there is no sudden change in the situation. Why this period O2O collapse more than last year is very simple, because the O2O boom last year to financing of enterprises in particular, behoove, natural selection this year also, this is a very normal number and ratio, it shows that the market of mining.

addition, O2O winter cognitive formation, the media also plays an important role in promoting. With the O2O concept popular, O2O field has attracted more and more media industry and people’s eyes, as the effect of pregnant women in general, any wind sways grass industry, in psychological projection of people attention, will not consciously be infinitely enlarged, the survival of the fittest phenomenon was interpreted as a general overall mouthing, eventually led to the the capital market confidence is low, resulting in the collapse of the avalanche type chain reaction. The results really let people sigh.

as a new mode of business operation, the birth of O2O is to go through repeated verification and adjustment of the economic slowdown, especially in the capital of the winter season, if the strategic vision of the development of O2O enterprises still remain in the level of the market rely on the circle burn, then put up the shutters in the inevitable. We want to see, behind the collapse of the data, is more O2O survivors are to clarify ideas, and actively respond to stick to the arrival of the industry spring.

2, behind the closures