there are a lot of new owners for no flow and distress, not bitter brain. I tell you a shortcut, is to use blog to promote your site, think impassability? Oh, I do not know the beginning of the effect is so good, I just try, I did not expect there will be a good effect, we look at my ideas.  

      think about what station is now the highest click rate? I think if porn is legal, then click on the site will be the highest. I’m not suggesting that you do porn, but that’s illegal!

      but it doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of this topic, so let’s use the topic to do the article.

      I looked for an article that had nothing to do with pornography. Pay attention to why blog? The way to do this is to avoid Baidu because of cheating and K your station, what blog do not flow?. My blog is also a new application, just said that the relationship between pornography and the article posted to the blog, it is necessary to do some articles, the first to write your address in the first sentence. Add some text to the guide, and then add words and phrases to the line between the line and the line, such as pornography, pornography, pornography, etc.. What? What’s this? This is for the search engine to search your article. Remember to take the title also written pornography Related words, not too much, not to wear. I used the title "porn"". There is putting you and sex related times made the same color and background so that others will not see those words, not away.

      my new application blog, my article on Baidu third page display. The first day of the visit is about 150, and this will be the 150 of your station has been 130. Think about how much of your blog is displayed on the first page of Baidu, and then you can do a little bit of it with your blog. Ha ha! I use Baidu blog, good to write these. This method is very flexible, specific fortune can go to play, there is a good way to remember to give me my QQ785596102.