owners have their own channels of publicity, such as forums, websites, blogs, etc.. Soft Wen is generally released through these channels. In the choice of distribution channels, we must pay attention to the selection of high popularity of the forum, the weight of the high site.

specific steps:

1 popularity high weight high visibility

soft Wen in the release, we must first choose the popularity of high weight high visibility website or forum published. You can get higher exposure, and more reprint. This channel generally (NetEase, Tencent, etc.)

2 select the same type of site

Yang once said: the original Yang line has rules, don’t overstep. Webmaster do stand type has many, many are doing the same type (industry). In the soft Wen promotion, to the same type of better than their own website publicity. There are several benefits: 1 better than their own to do the same kind of Web site generally have advantages, we can have a soft text in the release of learning. 2 these sites have gathered a number of users, these users are more interested in such sites, we have to do is to win over the crowd. (that is why the film, video station why Youku potatoes to promote)

3 to give up some channels, the specific choice of a few

in the soft Wen propaganda, we through the analysis of the effect, to give up some bad effect of the web forum. In 1 – the 3 forum every day to adhere to the post, than in a few days on the 100 forum. We are in the promotion of soft Wen, not to find a few places every day, but to give up every day, so there will be more energy to publicize a few good channels.

through a good channel release soft Wen, can be your soft Wen is more people to read, let more people reprint. At the same time improve the soft Wen propaganda effect, guide more user access.

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